Knit Master Goat

knitwear for men, women, and variations thereupon

About My Work

To me, knitting is a very personal thing. It's time consuming, laborious, and takes a lot of thought and reflection not only for each piece made, but who it's intended for as well.

As a male knitter, there is an obvious gap in the industry where men's knitwear should be. This isn't surprising, as a large percentage of hardcore knitters are women, and wearable, everyday fashion for men in general is limited. My quandary lies in finding the balance between the inclusion of men and menswear in this industry, while not alienating the fabulousness that is woman. My goal is to design and produce knitwear that is both masculine and feminine, functional and visually striking, wearable and fashionable, regardless of the gender of the person wearing it.