Commission Request

Want to commission a hand-knit item? Fill out the form below and tell me what you want. Be as specific and descriptive as possible. I will determine feasible turnaround time and final cost based on responses to the fields below, if I can accept the commission.

Final quoted price is non-negotiable. If yarn has not already been purchased, a 50% payment will be required before I can begin. If a sufficient quantity of yarn has already been purchased, cost of yarn will be deducted from final quote, the balance of which will be required when item is ready to be handed off.

If you live in the San Francisco Bay Area, I am open to helping you choose the yarn at one of the yarn stores in San Francisco, and handing off the finished item in person at an agreed upon location within San Francisco city limits, waiving the shipping charge.


Please complete the form below

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Please describe any aspects of the finished item that aren’t covered in the form above.
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Please indicate what type of item you wish to commission.
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Please indicate address where finished item would be shipped. The cost of shipping will be factored into final quote.
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Do you already have the pattern?
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Have you chosen the yarn you want?
Fiber Content
If you know what fiber content you want, please check off no more than two options below. If you’ve already chosen your yarn, don’t check anything off.
Phone *
If requesting clothing (as opposed to accessories (like scarves) please indicate your general clothing size. Exact measurements needed will be taken / requested if commission is accepted.
If you have a deadline for completion, such as a birthday or holiday, please indicate date you need it (not date of event, or date of completion, to account for any shipping time).
If you have a maximum budget, please indicate here. This should include both materials, labor, and shipping. Pleas note: I cannot accept commissions with an unreasonably tight budget.
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By checking the box below, I acknowledge that my request for a commission may not be accepted, and the maker has the right to cancel an accepted commission.